Miguel Câncio Martins

Miguel Câncio Martins is a famous Portuguese Architect and Interior Designer well known for notable Projects around the world. Graduated from the architecture school at St Luc in Brussels he began his career in Paris where he started developing restaurant concepts. One of his first works - BARFLY, designed in 1995, was followed by other famous restaurants in Paris such as Buddha bar, Thiou, Man Ray… that led to his international recognition. Subsequently he expanded his work into areas such as shops, hotels, night clubs and private homes. The Conrad Resort in Algarve, The Hotel Heritage in Lisbon, The Hotel W in Montréal are examples of some of his work. Having lived several years in Belgium and in France, he finally moved to Portugal where he recently opened a new office, Miguel Câncio Martins - Architecture & Design. 20 associates assist him on work internationally and in Portugal where MCM Architects are designing projects for multinationals, real estate investors and individuals alike.


The Team

MCM Architecture & Design is not only an Architecture and Design company.
It has been growing and developing several business areas that complement each other: Architecture/Design, Real Estate development and Hospitality. In the heart of Lisbon, this studio, made up of a young dynamic and experienced team, is responsible for successfully completing a set of national and international Projects.


Andreia Santos – Architect
Filipe Matos – Architect
Gabriela Pereira – Architect
Inês Goulão – Architect
Pedro Pessanha – Architect
Salvato Feijó – Architect
Solange Faria – Architect

Teresa Bordalo – Designer

Filipe Geraldes – CFO
Matilde do Carmo – COM

Telissa Bittencourt – Administrative assistant